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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Welcome to Daisy O'Moore Designs Blog!!

The year was 1919 and a young boy
aged 15 was about to begin his long journey
across the Atlantic from Ireland. He waved
to his sister, Daisy and his mother as the ship
began to set sail. Little did he know that he
would never see them again. Through war
torn years, Daisy and the family were lost,
seemingly from the attacks on London, where
they had moved.
Now all these years later, in a similar spirit of
adventure and daring, this little business was
born to highlight the artistry of Deaf artisans
who set out to create beautiful designs and
handcrafted heirlooms reminiscent of the magical
Ireland of long ago and of the beautiful young girl,
named Daisy, who was so dearly loved by her brother.
Daisy O’Moore Designs