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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good Morning!  Good to have my internet service back!!  Watch for pictures today!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ahhhh!  The batik heirloom quilt is enroute to Michigan!  I posted these pictures this a.m., but was having difficulty with blogspot - server issues... so, some of the pictures are huge and some small.   Definitely, some close up shots!  (despite, not intentioned)  : )     Now, moving onward and working on John Winthrop School for Young Children's auction quilts!  Watch for pictures to follow!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Soon, soon, soon ...  finishing up the feathers on Kathy's Batik Baby Beauty!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Morning !!  Happy Friday Peeps!!   Today I will (hopefully) FINISH Kathy's Batik Baby Beauty!!  Stay tuned for pictures!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Morning Daisy Friends!!

I'm working on finishing up "Kathy's Batik Baby Beauty"!!  Hope to be done soon!  The last couple of days have involved many interruptions, so hopefully today I can make some steady progress.  After chatting with Peggy on the videophone yesterday, I became aware of many of my friends attending a deaf quilting retreat in Michigan for the next 3 days.  I wish I was there with them!!  Have fun, everyone!!

Now, I'm off to get busy!!  Have a great day!  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Here's a sneak peek at Kathy's Batik Baby Beauty!
A nice little drive yesterday to Pella, Iowa...  Gus and I visited the LaLune Fabric store.  Yay! I found some additional fat quarters in various shades of orange for Ellen and Bill's Art quilt.   We visited the "Village Mall" Antiques and collectibles shop and I found some replacement cups for my "snack set" that will be passed down to Melanie for Mairin, along with some other items.  I packed up some of those things on Monday.   Today I am packing up some things for Marty.  I know he will treasure the heirloom items I've set aside for him too.

Today, back to work on Kathy's Batik baby beauty!  It's a fun project!

Have a great day, Daisy friends!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just to give you a "head's up" - You will need to obtain the pattern for the bag from Tiny Seamstress Designs by Tiffany Jenkins at 

It is called Jumbo Glam Bag -  I cannot give you the dimensions and info because this is a copyrighted pattern.  However, I will be presenting the step by step photo instructions.  Tiny Seamstress has a blog  

Here's the fabric I've selected for the Jumbo Glam Bag!!  

Jumbo Glam Bag
Materials Needed:
  • 1 yard of fabric for "outside body"
  • 1 1/2 yard of contrasting fabric for "lining and bow"
  • 3/4 yard of 1/2" elastic
  • 1 yard of fusible fleece
  • Magnetic snap
  • Safety pin
This pattern uses 44" wide cotton blend fabrics.  I chose batik fabrics for my bag.

Cutting  Instructions for "outside fabric"  (look at your pattern for the dimensions)
  1. Cut your "body pieces" out of the "outside fabric" that you've chosen. (Refer to the diagram on you pattern.   (You will have 2 pieces)
  2. Cut your "body pieces" of fusible fleece the same size. (You will again need to refer to the diagram on your pattern.  (You will have 2 pieces)
  3. Cut your "outside straps" out of the "outside fabric". (You will have 2 pieces)
  4. Cut your fusible fleece the same size. (You will have 2 pieces)
  5. Cut your "outside pocket" out of the same "outside fabric" that you've chosen.
Attach/fusing the fusible fleece: 
  1. Check the directions for the fusible fleece to determine what temperature to set your iron at.
  2. Lay your "body pieces" on the ironing board with the wrong side facing up.  (Batik fabric has no "wrong" side.  Consequently, either side will work) 
  3. Lay your cut fusible fleece onto the "body pieces" with the adhesive side facing down onto the matching sized pieces.  
  4. Following the directions from your fusible fleece using the iron in a up-down fashion (not a gliding motion).  
  5. Using whatever stitch you would like, (I used a wavy decorative stitch) quilt you "body pieces" to further reinforce adherance between the fabric and fusible fleece.  (see photo above)
Cutting instructions for contrasting fabric:
  1. Cut the "Lining body" pieces.  (You will have 2 pieces)  You will need to use the pattern piece from the pattern to cut curves on the top of each "body lining" piece.  See the illustration on the pattern.
  2. You will need to cut the "lining straps" pieces.  (You will have 2 pieces)
  3. Cut the "contrasting band" pieces (see photo below) 

4. Cut the "bow"  piece.  (You will have 1 piece)
5. Cut the "lining pocket" (You will have 2 pieces)

Sewing instructions:
  • Starting with the contrasting bands, FOLD both pieces in half lengthwise with the right sides of the fabric facing each other.  (See photo below)  Stitch down long raw edges.  Turn the right sides out and smooth and press  the contrasting band with your iron.  Refer to your pattern and find the center on EACH band and top stitch the center area following the pattern dimensions in Illustration 1.

  • Place one contrasting band on the bag body (refer to the pattern for the placement measurement) and top stitch in place being careful to leave the previously stitched portion of the band OPEN for snap placement later on.  (Refer to Illustration 2 in your pattern) Repeat this process with the other "contrasting band" onto the other "body piece". 

  • Prepare outside pocket:  With right sides together, stitch around all four edges leaving a 2 inch opening on the bottom so you can turn the pocket inside out. Turn the pocket inside out and press carefully, making sure to fold in the opening on the bottom so that the pocket is pressed with the folded area straight and inserted into the inner part of the pocket.  Make sure the bottom edge is nice and straight when you press.  Following the dimensions on the pattern, place the pocket in the correct area and top stitch down both sides and across the bottom to anchor the pocket to the front of the bag.

  • Referring to the directions, cut your elastic in 2 pieces.  Thread the elastic through both contrasting bands and stitch in place at each end.  Your "body piece" will now look like this photo.

Back "body piece" without the pocket (Elastic will be inserted into BOTH "body pieces")
  • With right sides together, sew the front and back bag "body pieces" together on the sides and along the bottom edges.  (See photo below)

  • Handle straps:  Place one lining strap and one body strap right sides together.  Sew around all edges, leaving a 2 inch opening to turn the handle straps inside out.  Turn right sides out, press with the open edges folded in nice and straight.  Do the same with the second handle strap.  Following the measurements in the pattern instructions item 5, triple stitch ends of strap to the bag "lining pieces" onto the right sides of the fabric.  (See illustration 3 in your pattern)  Repeat this process with the second handle strap onto the other "lining piece".  
  • Lining pocket: With right sides together, stitch lining pocket pieces around all 4 edges, leaving a 2 inch opening on the bottom to turn the pocket inside out.  Turn the pocket right side out and press, being careful to fold in the two open edges to make a nice straight edge along the pocket bottom.  Following the measurements in your pattern, place the pocket on right side of the bag "lining piece".   Stitch the pocket to the lining.  Stitch a straight line down the center of the pocket, to make 2 sub-divided sections in the pocket.  (optional)
  • Stitch lining sections together:  Stitch bottom and sides of lining together, leaving a 4 inch opening in the bottom to turn right side out later.  
  • Place lining body into the bag body: Make sure to have right sides together when placing the lining into the bag body.  Make sure handle straps are down into the bag body and sew around the top edge of the bag, attaching the lining to the bag body.  
  • Using the 4 inch hole in the bottom seam of the lining, turn the entire purse right sides out.  Press the top edges of the bag neatly and top stitch around the top edge of the bag, pushing the lining into the bag.  
  • Secure the straps: Top stitch across the top of the contrasting band where the straps lay underneath.  (It will be a 2 inch stitch and will go through all layers of the bag).  See Illustration 4 in your pattern directions.
  • Attach snaps: Following the package directions, attach snaps through both layers of the bag, underneath the unstitched portion of the contrasting band (See illustration 5 in your pattern directions).  After attaching the snaps, carefully hand stitch your contrasting bands closed.  
  • Bow:  Fold bow piece in half lengthwise with right sides together.  Stitch around all open edges, leaving a 2 inch opening to turn the bow right side out.   Turn the bow right side out and press neatly enclosing the folded edge of the 2 inch opening to yield a straight edge.   Top stitch around the edge of the bow.   Tie a perky bow with the finished strip and safety pin the bow onto the contrasting band on the front of the bag wherever you wish.  

Congratulations on finishing a fashionable perky bag for your use or to make a lovely gift!