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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fleece Flower Project 
Part 3

  • For the flowers, I used pinking scissors.  If you do not have pinking scissors, use regular scissors.  They will work just fine.  I kept it very simple, using the flower pattern as a guide for length, I simply cut squares approximately the same length.  I simply rounded off the edges and cut a circle.  
  • Here is my little rounded flower base.

  • Then, I simply did the same thing, with smaller squares, rounded off into circles.  

  • As you can see, using my scissors, I just played with the shapes and colors until I had the flowers that I wanted. 

  •  Then, I selected some buttons that made a nice contrast to the colors in the flowers.  

  • Putting the button on top, I audited my flowers until I was satified with the colors and shapes.  Following this, my camera battery died!!   : )  So, I will simply complete the instructions by explaining that I used black thread, because I liked the contrast.  I threaded my needle and knotted it as a double strand of thread.  This will enable the flowers to be firmly anchored to the tote bag.  I simply hand stitched the flower unit to the tote bag, as if it were a button.  Following the repeated stitches, I knotted the end by sewing several tiny stitches over and over on the wrong side of the fabric, inside the bag.  I repeated this with the other two flowers.  Voila!! A simple little bag with some pizzazz!! Hope you enjoyed our first little "Daisy project"!

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